Family Dental Services

Welcome to the family.

At Care Family Dentistry in Tulsa, our practice revolves around ensuring top quality dental services designed to keep your whole mouth healthy. By starting from an early age, we help teach our young patients proper dental hygiene and guide them through a lifetime of good habits.

When you need more than preventative maintenance, we’re here to provide the best dental services for your needs, generation after generation.

General Dental Care & Prevention Services

Family Dentistry

You can trust us with the dental health of your loved ones, big and small. Enjoy the convenience of your entire family receiving dental care at one practice. In fact, it’s common that we provide dental services to multiple generations of the same family.

Children’s Dentistry

Our recommendation is to schedule an appointment with us in Tulsa as soon as your child’s first tooth comes in or age one to begin educating them on oral healthcare of the primary teeth. We help toddlers with new teeth have positive dental experiences, and teach them and their parents how to create a healthy brushing and flossing routine. Having positive dental experiences combined with healthy dental habits helps create a lifetime of healthier dental checkups.

Emergency Dental Services

When you need emergency dental services, we are here to help ASAP. Getting treatment quickly will minimize the plan needed to get back to a healthy dental condition. We provide a wide range of emergency dental and dental restoration procedures to maintain ongoing dental health for you and your family. At the first signs of discomfort or problems, contact our team to make an appointment. We offer fillings, extractions, veneers and dental implant restoration services from our Tulsa office.

Specialty Dental Services

We provide specialty dental services to help with almost any dental need. Whether you are looking to have a specialty guard fitted or want to correct your smile with dentures or invisible braces, we’re here to help.